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Previous events

Established in May 2001 Chemical Scientific Society “Flogiston” soon set their sights on organizing its very own international conference. This idea flourished in 2003 with the 1st European Congress of Young Chemists “YoungChem”. The conference took place in Zakopane, Poland and gathered participants from six european countries (Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Latvia).

As the time passed the conference gathered more and more participants from various countries from across the world and therefore changing its name from European to International Congress of Young Chemists in 2006. “YoungChem” had been numerously appreciated by Students Scientific Movement “StRuNa” as on of the best conferences and winning the award for the best conference in 2012.

We had the pleasure of guesting many prominent scientists during the last fourteen years such as prof. Ben Feringa, who, together with prof. Fraser Stoddart and prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage, was awarded a Nobel Prize in chemistry for the design and synthesis of molecular machines in 2016. Prof. Victor Kartsev and his organization “International Scientific Partnership Foundation” decided in 2017 to award our conference with ‘Memorial Silver Medal”.

We are extremely glad, that we managed to create an event which gave the opportunity for so many young chemists to meet and work together and one that is widely regarded. We do hope that the next editions live up to the name of previous YoungChems.

Silver Memorial Medal
Prof. Bernard Ferringa
StRuNa 2012 - the best conference award
YoungChem 2012
YoungChem 2016